Yoga and Meditation Courses Offered

The courses/classes  are designed to implant the seeds of Yoga in your life. Here I share with you various tools, techniques & information belonging to various disciplines of Yoga like the Hatha, Raja, Kundalini, Karma, mantra, Jnana, Bhakti etc.

In this courses/classes  you will be able to receive clear & scientific instruction regarding various Asanas, Pranayama, Kriya, mediation etc. You will be able to get the first hand experience on the above topics.

Drop  In classes for yoga seekers:-We are offering daily Drop In Classes for everyone to experience the Yoga. We are teaching yoga not just poses. These classes suitable for everyone & includes Asana, basic pranayama, relaxation. It is open for all.

Duration : 90 minutes classes daily
Schedule :Twice a day morning & evening sessions

Six days yoga course:It is a kind of mini yoga course for the people enthusiast about yoga but not have time to commit for 200 hrs yoga teacher training. Here we try to schedule various yoga activities such as Asana, Pranayama, guided meditation, deep guided relaxation, chanting etc to enhance your understanding of yoga and add value in your yoga practice. It is less intensive then 200hrs Yoga teacher training yet provide a lot of information & experience of yoga to motivate you for next level.

For more information and to enroll for the Course, call me at +9410 993180 or write to me at



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